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Business Consulting

Beresford McArdle Chartered Accountants
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Personalised Business Advice

For a business to be successful, there needs to be a roadmap for success.

A strategic plan points to specific results that are to be achieved by a business and establishes a structured action plan for achieving them.

At Beresford McArdle, we have decades of experience assisting businesses from all industries. Our Business Consulting service is designed to help grow and develop your business.

Our in-depth analysis allows you to take stock and get an overview of the strengths and weaknesses within your business.

Whether you are a small-medium sized enterprise or a large organisation, an external opinion is often beneficial.

Benefits of our Business Consulting Service

  • In-depth financial analysis
  • Strategic business planning, budget, and cash flow analysis
  • Internal and external analysis
  • Forecasting and budgeting

What We Offer:

Statutory Audit

An audit should be more than an obligation. Use it as an opportunity to add value to your business.

Internal Audit

We work alongside in-house finance teams to analyse potential risks. We can then develop a strategy to overcome and mitigate such risks in the future.

Interim Compliance Checks

Regular spot checks outside of the standard audit cycle is a great way to ensure best practices and track your business objectives.

Experts in Auditing, Taxation and Financial Planning.

With over 40 years of experience, we lead from the front in providing exemplary audit and accountancy services to businesses across Ireland.

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A diverse team of auditors, accountants, and taxation specialists.
Developing a culture of self-improvement inside and outside of work.
Continuous upskilling and development of all employees and key executives.
Long-term relationships with clients built on trust.
Assisting SME’s, sole traders, and large corporates alike.
Attention to detail allowing you to focus on what’s important.

Our Services

Your individual business requirements will be assigned to one of our highly skilled professionals under the care and review of our key management line-up.


Our audit team is composed of highly experienced professionals experienced in a wider range of sectors.


We have a dedicated department focusing solely on the needs of individual taxation.

Management Accounts

Access to key analysis and information on the financial and operational performance of your business.

Bookkeeping & Cashflow

Access to key analysis and information on the financial and operational performance of your business.

In-depth knowledge in all areas of accounting & taxation

Our business is built on reliability, professionalism, and honesty. We’ve a team of highly skilled professionals who are all part of building this culture within our businesses.

We strive for perfection and ensure every decision we make is with our client’s best interests front of mind.


It’s our job to ensure that things are done correctly. We’ve been guiding and advising clients for over 45 years.

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We adhere to strict accounting practices and standards while continuously upskilling all staff and senior executives.

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Trust is at the core of everything we do. We’ve built long-term relationships with our clients, many who remain for their entire working life.

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Your business is precious. At Dermot O’Malley & Co., our team on the Swords Road have the experience and acumen to help it grow and prosper.

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