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The new Rent Tax Credit is available for the tax years 2022 to 2025. The Rent Tax Credit reduces the amount of Income Tax that you are due to pay for a tax year.

To benefit from the Rent Tax Credit, you must have an Income Tax liability to offset against it.

Please note:

You can now claim your Rent Tax Credit for the 2022 tax year on your Income Tax Return. If you have PAYE Income, this can be done through myAccount. Otherwise, you can do this through Revenue Online Services (ROS)

If you have PAYE income, you are also able to make a claim for your Rent Tax Credit for 2023 in real-time. This can be done in myAccount by clicking the ‘Manage Your Tax 2023’ option in PAYE Services.

The amount of Rent Tax Credit you can claim will be calculated for you when you submit your claim. This amount will depend on the amount of:

  • rent you pay
  • and
  • Income Tax you pay.

Rent means the amount you pay for use of the property. It does not include any amount you pay for extra services such as utilities, board or laundry. You should exclude any amount you pay for these services when calculating the rent you pay.

The maximum value of the Rent Tax Credit is €1,000 per year for jointly assessed married couples or civil partners. The maximum value is €500 in all other cases, including single persons. This is the case no matter how many properties you pay rent for during the year.

Subject to a number of conditions, the Rent Tax Credit may be available where you pay rent for:

  • your principal private residence
  • another property you use to facilitate your attendance at work or on an approved course
  • or
  • a property used by your child to facilitate their attendance on an approved course.

The conditions which apply relate to the:

  • location and use of the rental property
  • type of tenancy
  • relationship between you, your child, and the landlord
  • and
  • age of your child and the type, of course, they are attending, where relevant.

Further information

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